Episode 14: Hydration Habits in Training, Racing, and Daily Life


Matt covers the critical topic of hydration through two lenses.

  1. The principles and key actions around hydration in training and racing

  2. The role of hydration in your daily life, including recovery from training, tissue health, mental alertness, and energy management

In addition to discussing the importance of hydration in these two key areas, Matt then lays out simple habits that you can integrate into your routine. 

On the topic of Training and Racing, you’ll also hear his perspective on:

  • The many roles of fluids and hydration in training, racing, and daily living. It goes well beyond quenching your thirst

  • How hydration aids in the role of maintaining blood volume and why that’s critical to performance

  • The point when your performance starts to decline and how to avoid this danger zone

  • Tips and guidelines for hydration strategies in short and long-distance training and racing scenarios

  • Types of fluids to drink and how much during training and racing

  • Additional factors that impact individual hydration needs during training and racing

On the topic of Daily Life, Matt outlines:

  • The importance of water in your body’s immune system, tissue repair, and cellular health

  • How proper hydration plays a performance-driven role in your work and life with increased mental clarity, better critical thinking, and alertness

  • Tips and guidelines for hydration as a sustainable daily life habit.

The goal of this episode is to establish the right lens, the right mindset and outline key concepts setting you up for peak performance in training and daily life.