Episode 12: Kyla Channell - Nutrition Through a Performance Lens


The kitchen doors swing wide open and your burning nutrition and fueling nutrition questions get answered in this episode with Purple Patch resident Endurance Sports Nutritionist, Kyla Channell. A graduate of U.C. Davis, Kyla Channell works with athletes of all levels at both Purple Patch and her own company, Nutritional Revolution. In addition to helping athletes fuel and hydrate properly for their activities, Kyla and Nutritional Revolution work with clients of all ages, activity levels and those wanting to achieve goals of weight loss, energy stabilization, dietary changes due to allergen/sensitivities and overall health and well being working from the inside out.

Matt and Kyla dive right into the weeds on what can be a confusing and emotional subject -nutrition and fueling through a performance lens. They dispel some myths about popular diets and talk straight away about what is most vital to an athletic mindset: nailing your recovery, timing those post-workout meals, and consuming whole foods as much as possible. 

Throughout the episode, they also discuss:

  • The importance (and necessity) of carbohydrates. Yes, you may need more than you think.

  • Misconceptions and confusion around your daily eating habits- what should you be eating every day?

  • Macro ratios and amounts you should aim for each day of carbs, fat, and protein.

  • Basic rules of good global nutrition habits - Hint: breakfast is king!

  • Sugar - the good, the bad and the ugly. It does have its place.

  • Rules of fueling around racing - what numbers should you hit?

  • Serious consequences of under-fueling.

  • Can't seem to lose weight? Why some bodies hold onto fat even during heavy training.

  • A list of must-dos for proper nutrition and fueling.

  • Supplements, weighing food, and tracking calories - when is this important?